New York, NY - Proposed Midtown Billboard To Keep Shalit in the Media Spotlight

New York, NY - A 28 year old California researcher is reaching across the United States to raise awareness for Gilad Shalit in a unique way: by raising money to fund an outdoor billboard for Gilad Shalit near the United Nations building in New York. With Shalit 5th anniversary in captivity looming at the end of June and the Pal estinians lobbying the UN to establish their own state, Gal Sitty of Los Angeles decided that keeping Gilad Shalit in the news was priority number one. Sitty found himself compelled to do something concrete to help Shalit obtain his freedom after witnessing the massive march for Shalit organized in Israel early last summer. After much thought, he decided that posting Shalit picture on a billboard near the UN was the most effective way to send a clear message that Jews worldwide are still demanding the release of Gilad Shalit. une 25th will be the fifth anniversary of Gilad capture and five years is way too long. It shouldn take that long to free him,?said Sitty in an interview with VIN News. want this up by June 25th so that Gilad and his family can see that we support him.Advertisement: The cost for renting a billboard might seem daunting to some, but not to Sitty, who is hoping to raise the $10,000 needed for the billboard by appealing to people everywhere who want to do their part to help free Shalit. To date, $4,240 has been raised and with just under two weeks left to raise the funds, Sitty is optimistic that the goal can be met. Sitty has the support of the Shalit family and is hopeful that enough money will be raised to keep the billboard up until September, when the Palestinians bring their campaign for statehood before the United Nations. Sitty site not only gives people the opportunity to donate money to the campaign but also features three different designs for the proposed billboard and offers people the chance to vote on their favorite design. e need to keep this in the media,?said Sitty. e can go to Gaza and free Gilad ourselves but we can keep the pressure on the people who have to act on this.? To make a donation to the Gilad Shalit billboard campaign go to

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